Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tree Revisited

I went back to that tree. This time with an offering. I brought 5 pieces of cereal. I accidentally grabbed five and that is the perfect number for it. I walked sunwise around the tree and left the offerings one at a time. I made a mental speech about how each offering represented an element and how that element interacted with the tree. In hind sight, I didn't need to tell the tree how it uses elements. Doh'! I felt energy from the tree. It appreciated my offerings. I was under its branches but I tried not to invade its space right around it. The grass had died off there making a circle and I wasn't going to break that one.

Monday, August 17, 2009


I was given a gift by a tree. Perhaps a walnut tree. That is what one person said it was, just want to be sure. It was the gift of its fruit/seed. I felt I was supposed to have it and that it will be the start of a good relationship with that tree. I must now return with something for it. I will bring some dried herbs that it can hopefully draw some nutrients from. Then I will just need to spend a lot of time with it so I can get to know it better. Most of its leaf clusters were in groups of five. Its bark was mostly light gray to tan. There were some brown and dark gray areas. The leaf edges were serrated.