Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tree Revisited

I went back to that tree. This time with an offering. I brought 5 pieces of cereal. I accidentally grabbed five and that is the perfect number for it. I walked sunwise around the tree and left the offerings one at a time. I made a mental speech about how each offering represented an element and how that element interacted with the tree. In hind sight, I didn't need to tell the tree how it uses elements. Doh'! I felt energy from the tree. It appreciated my offerings. I was under its branches but I tried not to invade its space right around it. The grass had died off there making a circle and I wasn't going to break that one.

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puny human said...

Thanks for visiting The New Animist and leaving a comment. From your notes on this blog, I can see that we are like-minded folks. Just relating in the here and now to the nonhumans, as you are doing, is more useful than a summerful of shamanic "workshops." IMHO. As for singing in English, I find myself making up all kinds of little ditties as I hang around outside. I think the trees like to hear humans sing, whether the words make sense or no.
Best wishes,