Monday, March 22, 2010

The Call to Adventure

I've been reading a really good book. It is about connecting with our souls. The current section that has been interesting to me is about the call of the soul. About how it calls, why it does, how people sometimes don't heed the call, and so on. It really struck with me because I have felt the call of my soul for sure on multiple occasions. It comes as a great source of inspiriation and joy at all the possibilities that I could be living out. It makes me want to make big changes and go after my deepest desires, desires I don't even consciously know about most of the time. I so love those feelings and how alive I feel when the call comes. Now if I can just go after my soul when it calls instead of reasoning myself back into a life only partially lived, using safety issues, self-doubt and fear of the unknown as chains to keep me living an unhealthy life path.

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